Keep Calm, It’s Conflict Resolution Day!

Keep Calm, It’s Conflict Resolution Day!

Don’t let difficult people get you down!

In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to keep a cool mindset and stop your head filling with hot air, but something as simple as a deep breath can bring the situation back under control and create a calmer environment.

Although there is no right way to deal with challenging people or situations, here are five great top tips for conflict resolution:

  • Be mindful of your Communication Cycle;
    It’s sometimes easy to misinterpret information unless it is clearly expressed. Keep the natural communication cycle flowing to ensure understanding and constructive feedback is delivered and received.
  • Non-Judgemental Listen;
    We have two ears and one mouth for a reason!
    Sometimes it’s better to listen and say ‘I hear what you’re saying’, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with a person’s view before expressing your own point of view calmly and with empathy.
  • Ask Open Questions to get as much information as possible;
    The more information you receive about the situation, the easier it will be to look at all possible resolutions and find the most effective one for all parties involved.
  • Suggest Action – Give Choices;
    Who likes options? I certainly do!
    Explore a variety of possible options and present them as choices for all people involved. Then let them make the final choice of which option would work best for them and agree on a final action to resolve the issue.
  • Thank them;
    Thank them for their input/views and their patience whilst you worked out a solution which would benefit all – they’ll definitely appreciate it.

If you’re looking to gain more knowledge and practical experience on the best effective strategies for dealing with difficult and challenging people, pupil and behaviour, take a look at NSM’s Dealing with Difficult People Effectively course! It’s available at venues all over the UK and also as an INSET / PD Day!

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