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A Practical Guide to the Schools’ Single Central Record (SCR) Live Online Training

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9:15am – 1:00pm Live Online Training

This innovative, practical workshop considers the issues around setting up and maintaining the data on the Schools’ Single Central Record (SCR) in the context of the regulations, guidance and best practice.  The ‘Schools’ Single Central Record ‘ (SCR) training course is designed to ensure that you meet the specified requirements set by Ofsted to ensure the SCR is maintained and accurate and also compliant with the Department for Education Statutory guidance, in accordance with the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ legislation.



  • • Understand both the regulatory framework and best practice underpinning the format and content of the SCR;
  • • Consider the categories of staff/workers that should be recorded on the SCR;
  • • Explore options around format and content of the SCR;
  • • Equip participants with a practical understanding of all pre- employment checks for school-based staff, volunteers, contractors and Agency workers;
  • • Support participants review their own school SCR and the related pre-employment checking processes.


Course Leader

Tony Lampert



Live Online Training


Target Audience

This course is targeted at staff who administer and maintain the SCR (Single Central Record) such as the Business Manager, Bursars, School PAs (personal assistants) etc school governors, head teachers, designated safeguarding lead



“I would rate this course very highly; it was informative, participative and enjoyable.
Tony was an excellent trainer, who presented the information well, included everyone and was happy to answer questions and explain rationale. The use of Polls on Zoom, breakout groups and online scenarios made what could be quite a ‘dry’ course subject wise, interesting.”

“Many thanks to yourself and Tony. The course was exactly what I was looking for and Tony was fabulous throughout, answering all of the questions thrown at him. The content and delivery was at the right level for the attendees and everything was covered and more.
I had previously attended a day conference with another company specifically for the section on the SCR and was sorely disappointed that the presenter did not know the subject he was delivering and was basically following someone else’s slides and could not answer a single question correctly, when he could answer at all.”

“I thought the course was really good. I liked the informality of it. Everything was covered in depth and to be able to ask school specific questions along the way and learn from other delegates questions/answers was really beneficial.
I will definitely be recommending this course to colleagues.”

“Tony presents an excellent training programme. I have attended a session with Tony in the past and on both occasions, I have been left feeling confident and well informed afterwards.”

“I thought it was very good for such a dry topic. It is something that there is a lot of myth and legend behind it so I was keen to get the facts. Well delivered and a good length. I am not usually one to ask questions in training, but found it very comfortable environment to do so.”

“It was hugely informative! Thank you to Tony and Einir for a great service.”

“The training closed gaps and any misunderstandings I had and explained the reasons behind what information is required on the SCR and why which is what I wanted. I have kept an SCR for my school for 3 years and been through an OFSTED inspection but had never had any formal training just muddled through so it was good to now have a proper understanding and I will now be much more confident about the SCR that I keep.”

“Big thank you to Tony for todays Single Central Register training. One of the best courses I have attended.”

“Given me confidence that I do know what I am doing and also food for thought. Thank you”

“Thanks for your help in organising the course. I really enjoyed it and it is a relief to have had many questions answered. Thank you to Tony who certainly managed us all very well, kept it inclusive.”

“Thank you it was a very informative training course and now have a clear understanding of the SCR.”

“Thank you to everyone involved for a really interesting morning. I would have no hesitation in recommending to other people. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to join another course at some time in the future.”


Further information

Trainer will be in the room at 9:15am and until 1:30pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Mid-morning breaks will be given to make the day comfortable and enjoyable.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the training. We want t make this your day.


Your Pack

We will send you a pack in the post with a £10 gift voucher for lunch, a treat for break time, and all handouts and activity packs that you’ll need to keep records of the SCR in your school.  These will also be sent as a digital editable version during the session.

We will ensure that the training day is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Additional information

Date and Location

12th October 2022, 6th July 2022, 6th June 2022