A Kit Bag: Promoting Positive Behaviour

A Kit Bag: Promoting Positive Behaviour

Course introduction

The promoting positive behaviour training course is bursting with tried and tested practical ideas and positive behaviour management strategies to improve relationships and behaviour within your school and/or classroom. Focusing on setting up effective systems for expectations, routines, ules, correctives and positive reinforcements linked to the whole school positive behaviour policy.

There is a focus on classroom management as well as behaviour management techniques for challenging behaviour. All strategies and systems are based on consistency and fairness to create a positive learning environment and help students understand and manage their behaviour.

Participants with leave with an effective kit bag bursting with strategies, techniques, approaches and top tips.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Establish why some students misbehave;

  • Learn dynamic strategies to effectively deal with low-level and challenging behaviour;

  • Review rules, routines and correctives;

  • Construct a graduated response for behaviour;

  • Practice techniques to de-escalate low-level to challenging behaviour;

  • Build successful teacher-student relationships;

  • Look at a restorative approach to behaviour;

  • Engage in positive talk to reduce confrontation;

  • Learn techniques to deal with a noisy class and get the class’ attention;

  • Look at the research behind positive reinforcement;

  • Practice ways to positively reinforce;

  • Strategies to implement positive behaviour support.

Target audience

Aimed at anyone working directly or indirectly with students. Ideal for school/college-based staff including teachers, lecturers, deputy headteacher, school support staff, classroom assistant, teachers, teaching assistant, NQTs.

Trainers for this course

Nicola S. Morgan


As an international education consultant, author and teacher, Nicola has a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging behaviour and motivating staff, senior leaders and par...ents to help implement change.

Since starting NSMTC and sharing her expertise with a wider audience, Nicola regularly receives positive feedback. Attendees praise her delivery style and how motivated and inspired they feel following her sessions. They leave each training or course with the confidence to push their own boundaries for personal achievement.

On top of writing countless educational books and articles, Nicola is an International Values-Based Education approved trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and an English Channel Swimmer.

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Absolutely loved this course – lots of practical ideas that can be taken straight back to the classroom and shared easily with SLT and colleagues. Thank you.

Practical with lots of humour to keep us going. Relevant to me in the classroom. A course that I can relate to everyday in the classroom and go back to school and implement. Thank you.

Excellent, your training last time was brilliant also. You have such a good way of teaching such an important aspect of school. Can you come and stay with us full time?! Thank you


In-House Training

In-House Training

We currently have no upcoming dates for this course - Please contact us for more information or if you would like this course delivered as in-house training.