Understanding Ofsted / Estyn’s Expectations for Effective Online Learning Course


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In January 2021, the government published new guidance that strengthened expectations for the provision of remote education while schools and colleges remain closed to most pupils. This has been further supported through publications by both ESTYN and OFSTED offering useful advice for leaders and teachers, aimed at helping them develop their remote education offer.

This practical half day course will examine the implications of national guidance and expectations for remote learning, explore models of best practice based on inspection advice from relevant regulatory bodies; and consider what school leaders and teachers can do to further support the learning, well-being, and progress of learners during and after the current pandemic.

Participants will be provided with a comprehensive set of resources on completion of the workshop.
The training will be divided into two sessions:

Session 1: Expectations and Advice
• Government guidance, regulatory advice,
• Models of best practice.
• Establishing baseline expectations
• Evaluating current provision.

Session 2: Implementation, Evaluation, and Impact
• Practical strategies to develop more effective remote learning,
• Meeting the well-being and mental health needs of our students,
• Reaching difficult to engage learners
•Evidencing the impact of our remote learning interventions.



By the end of the workshop, participants will:
• Know what the relevant guidance and expectations are for remote learning and student wellbeing
• Understand what high quality remote learning can look like based on models of good practice
• Be able to lead, plan and deliver effective remote teaching and support that empowers students’ learning, well-being, and progress.



This workshop is aimed at school leaders and teachers engaged with remote learning or student wellbeing.


Training Room

Trainer will be there to answer all your questions during and after the course. It will be an interactive morning with plenty of discussions etc.

Additional information

Date and Location

17th March 2021, 19th April 2021