Wellbeing Matters! Practical and effective ways to promote staff, pupil & student wellbeing, mental health and cultivate a healthy school/college culture


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The ‘Wellbeing Matters!’ training course is designed to provide participants with practical and empowering strategies which provide a proactive and preventative approach. The training includes key information and experiential learning and involves practising wellbeing techniques that can be applied personally, within a staff team and across the whole school or organisation.
With teaching and non-teaching staff workload increasing by the day and renewed responsibilities, reforms and demands from Government and school inspection bodies (Ofsted/Estyn), it is crucial that schools now need to prioritise teacher wellbeing in order to ensure staff are physically and mentally prepared to enable the school meets its obligations.

‘Research evidence shows that education and health are closely linked. So promoting the health and wellbeing of staff, pupils and students within schools and colleges has the potential to improve their educational outcomes as well as their health and wellbeing outcomes.’ (Public Health England)

Course Objectives

• Understand the meaning of wellbeing and positive mental health;
• Develop a deeper understanding of resilience;
• Look at ways to reduce stress and anxiety;
• Practice strategies and techniques for 5 ways to wellbeing;
• Use a range of time and task planning tools in order to stay on top of priorities and remain flexible to changing priorities;
• Manage difficult situations effectively and stress free;
• Develop a wellbeing action plan to improve staff, pupil and student wellbeing.
• Create a whole school approach to effectively manage staff wellbeing and mental health;
• Develop a model of reflective practice;
• Identify and support members of staff, pupils and students who are feeling stressed and/or anxious;
• Explore resilience-building techniques and their potential impact on wellbeing;
• Look at ways to measure the wellbeing of staff, pupils and students;
• Explore the link between staff, pupil and student emotional wellbeing;
• Create an action plan and environment where the wellbeing and mental health of all is supported effectively;
• Understand the role of leadership in supporting a whole school approach to staff, pupil and student wellbeing;
• Leave the training with a toolkit to promote wellbeing for all.


Course Leader

Karen Ferguson



“Very interactive and enjoyable. Not like some boring courses where you zone out! Also, inspiring content and lots of practical ideas.”

“I really needed this training today! It’s made me realise that I need need to arrange this Wellbeing training for my whole school staff. Thank you so much. I’ll be in touch.”

“Enjoying the opportunity to listen and learn and talk about improving health and wellbeing for myself and my workplace.”

“Great day reflecting on well -being for ourselves and our teachers!”


Target Audience

Aimed at whole school staff as well as anyone who is looking to implement and/or develop wellbeing in order to support staff, pupils and students. Ideal for school-based staff including teachers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO, special education teacher, school support staff, classroom assistant, teaching assistant, mental health lead, pastoral care staff and pastoral lead teacher.

Additional information

Date and Location

25th January 2022