Great Learners – Metacognition & Memory


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This online and interactive course will give teachers powerful tools to develop better learners in two really powerful ways. We’ll briefly consider what great learners are, and then explore the first key focus on metacognition. Metacognition is well established as a powerful aspect of learning, but what exactly is it, and how can it be practically applied in the classroom? How can metacognition contribute to independent learning & wellbeing? The second key focus is on memory. Arguably, ‘if nothing in the long-term memory has been altered, nothing has been learned’. So how can we help children to retain, recall, and apply all the learning they do – and that we teach – more effectively? What practical techniques can we use & share with pupils and colleagues? This course aims to equip teachers with ideas that will empower their professional practice, and their pupils.


Course Objectives:

• Briefly consider what ‘great learners’ are in today’s context
• Explore five powerful ways of thinking about metacognition & how to apply it in school
• Learn about the core teaching & learning messages from research on memory
• Encounter lots of practical techniques for upgrading longer-term learning
• Enjoy an interactive and really useful day!



Will Ord



“Fantastic training from Will Ord on metacognition and memory run through NSM Training & Consultancy Ltd I highly recommend it!”

“A huge thank you for the Metacognition course today with Will Ord. Delivery was fantastic; the course was incredibly informative, engaging, interactive and interesting. I particularly loved how research based it was. A lot of fab strategies to take back into school.
Thank you again!”

“Really enjoyable CPD today with @nsmtc with lots of great information to consider, take away and implement #alwayslearning”

“Fantastic course on metacognition today. Interactive, relaxed, informative and thought provoking! Some great ideas shared and some amazing ways to move forward with learning. Would highly recommend!”

“Had a brilliant time on NSMTC training on metacognition. Inspiring stuff and looking forward to moving further with this in our school. Great to have the time to reflect on something like this during these crazy times.”

“Really thought provoking metacognition in education session. Thanks Will!”

“Fantastic training from Will Ord on metacognition and memory. I highly recommend it.”

“Excellent CPD today on Metacognition with Will Ord. Demystifying the term, exploring a deeper understanding and some practical examples. Feeling energised and motivated”


Further information

Trainer will be in the room at 9:15am and until 3:30pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Breaks for mid morning and afternoon including an hour for lunch will also be given.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the training. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

Information and links will be emailed to you prior and during the course.
Your pack including handouts, a M&S gift voucher for food, snack pen and notepad will be posted to you prior to the course.

We will ensure that the training day is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Additional information

Date and Location

22nd November 2021, 27th September 2021