Practical Social Distancing Games & Activities For Breaktimes


During the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important that children have the space and time to play every day when they are in school. This course is designed to provide Lunchtime Supervisors with a structured approach in relation to social distancing as well as empower them to lead motivating and exciting games and activities with pupils during break times. The training will provide staff with ways to interact with pupils as well as teaching key skills to create positive break times. Delegates will be given a handbook of games and activities designed for social distancing.

(Includes a FREE handbook full of games and activities)

Course suitable for early years (EY) and primary (P)

Duration: 1 hour

FREE Handbook for delegates who attend the Practical Social Distancing Games & Activities for Breaktimes course.

Handbook is full of fun and exciting games and activities specifically designed for social distancing.