Director of Eryr and NSM Training & Consultancy

Einir is a former teacher, deputy head and acting headteacher, previously serving primary schools in North Wales. With over 14 years of experience in the Foundation Phase, she joined NSM Training & Consultancy and established Eryr, a Welsh language training company for schools across Wales. Einir’s great passion and interest in Foundation Phase, Growth Mindset and Resilience shines through in her work within education.  The publication of the Family Growth Mindset Pack in 2018, which Einir co-authored, has proven very popular in schools across the UK and Kenya. Annually, Einir speaks at The National Education Show in Cardiff, and also presents seminars across the UK and internationally.

Creating a welcoming, happy and homely atmosphere for delegates on her courses is her top priority, as everyone should be treated equally as a team to achieve their best results