Amelia’s teaching vocation began in a rural school in the heart of bushland Zambia.

With just two BBC computers and the notion of WIFI a matter of science fiction, she still saw extraordinary potential for harnessing digital power to enrich learning.  As the technological revolution accelerated, so did Amelia’s enthusiasm.  Her coding skills are negligible and she is certainly no computer scientist having graduated with English as her major.  However, she has grasped emerging technologies wherever they offer enhanced learning opportunities and has utilised digital devices across the curriculum to expand students’ learning.

The Digital Pencil Case has developed through her own practice in the classroom and through sharing her expertise with schools across the world.  

She has presented at The National Education Show, Birmingham and Wales; the Bett Exhibition, London, JDO collaboration conference in Rome and Denver; and ISTE in Chicago, San Antonio and Denver.  Whilst conferences are great for whetting the appetite, Amelia really enjoys working closely with educationalists, from University students through to headteachers and principles as this is when new ideas and concepts can be explored in greater depth and confidence can be instilled to try something new.  

At home, she is surrounded by her wonderful family and a small menagerie of animals.