Managing Social Media to Promote Positive Mental Health & Behaviour

Managing social media

Course introduction

This course includes effective ways to managing social media to promote positive mental health and behaviour will cover everything you need to know from an educator’s point of view. It will help settings manage the problems caused by social media in relation to challenging behaviour, mental health and bullying. Time will also be spent looking at ways to embrace social media in order to effectively communicate with students, parents and the community.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Evidence on the impact of social media on mental health;

  • How to deal with cyberbullying;

  • Look at the impact social media can have on behaviour and exclusions;

  • Discuss the current most popular social media platforms;

  • Unpick ways to teach students how to effectively use social media;

  • Analyse methods to educate and work with parents to minimise social media disruption;

  • Understand how to use social media as a communication method;

  • Look at social media and safeguarding – protecting vulnerable students.

Target audience

Aimed at anyone who works directly or indirectly with students and wants to provide support and gain understanding regarding bereavement and grief. Ideal for school-based staff including teachers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO, classroom assistant, educational psychologists and pastoral care staff. As well as multidisciplinary teams i.e. looked after children, foster care, adoption agencies, social services.

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"Both workplace and home situations can benefit from the sound advice of Andrea’s wealth of experience mixed with her sense of humour, both of which shine through. Thank-you for raising my awareness, answering my questions and helping me support my wife in her journey through this emotional minefield when she has felt lost and overwhelmed."

"Andrea has the ability to help people get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Her delivery is high energy and high impact and the feedback from our people has been very positive. I'd highly recommend her."

Excellent conference tackling strategies to improve attendance. Speakers were engaging and offered practical suggestions to implement. Another excellent day with NSMTC. I would highly recommend.


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