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Working with Disruptive, Defiant & Disrespectful Pupils

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It is no secret that today’s classrooms can be a challenging environment for learning. Many pupils are coming to school/college exhibiting challenging behaviours, not only do these challenging behaviours affect educators’ ability to teach a lesson and maintain control, but they also disrupt the productivity of the class as a whole.

So how can educators successfully deal with these behaviours? How can educators work successfully with even the most challenging pupils and help them find more success in school/college and life? This course is designed to challenge the typical perceptions around behaviour as well as including a variety of tools, strategies and techniques help effectively manage challenging behaviour as well as promote positive behaviour.



*Challenge typical or traditional perceptions around behaviour;
*Practice reframing behaviour to elicit the desire response;
*Learn specific techniques to use when dealing with disruptions or challenges in pupils;
*Unpick classroom-management strategies designed to support your challenging pupils;
*Practice strategies to defuse defiance, manage refusal and promote respect;
*Look at common-sense methods to effectively communicate with the most challenging pupils;
*Understand how to encourage positive change in pupils;
*Look at ways to relate to and empower motivationally challenged pupils;
*Provide strategies to help pupils make good choices;
*Look at strategies for dynamically moving pupils from external discipline to self-discipline;
*How to effectively use relationships with pupils to help them independently solve problems;
*Look at approaches to recognise and prevent negative situations from taking place;
*Engage in positive talk to reduce confrontation and promote engagement;
*Learn dynamic strategies to effectively deal with low-level and challenging behaviour;
*Practical ways to help maintain your enthusiasm, sense of humour, and joy while working with the most difficult, challenging pupils;
*Leave with a kit bag of workable and manageable solutions to consistently promote positive behaviours in school/college.



Target Audience

Aimed at anyone working directly or indirectly with pupils who are looking for strategies and approaches to successfully work with disruptive, defiant and disrespectful pupils. Ideal for school/college-based staff including teachers, lecturers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO/ALNCo, special education teacher, school support staff, classroom assistant, teaching assistant, pastoral care staff and pastoral lead teacher.


Further information

Times: 9:30am – 3:00pm live online training via Zoom
Trainer will be in the room at 9:15am and until 3:30pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Breaks for mid morning and afternoon including an hour for lunch will also be given.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the training. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

Information and links will be emailed to you prior and during the course.
Your pack including handouts, a M&S gift voucher for food, snack pen and notepad will be posted to you prior to the course.
We will ensure that the training day is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.
This course is also available as in-house / INSET training at your school. Contact us for details.

Additional information

Date and Location

12th October 2022, 23rd June 2022 – SOLD OUT, 5th July 2022