Equality & Diversity in Schools, Colleges, Education Settings


Course introduction

This training course on Equality and Diversity in Schools, Colleges & Education Settings is design to help support and create a highly inclusive and diverse culture. Time will be spent discussing the meaning of equality and diversity and the fundamental principles we should follow as well as the why equality and diversity are essential, and how we can promote this in our schools, colleges and education settings.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Understand what is meant by equality and diversity;

  • Unpick the legal obligations including The Equality Act 2010;

  • Look at the equity of access in your setting;

  • Review your policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive;

  • Understand what is meant by protected characteristics;

  • Explore strategies for preventing and tackling inappropriate language and behaviour;

  • Support LGBTQ+ students effectively;

  • Look at why representation matters to your students;

  • Explore ways to deliver an inclusive curriculum;

  • Understand how to educate staff, students and parents;

  • Develop an action plan to move forward.

Target audience

Aimed at anyone who wants to develop greater confidence and understanding regarding equality and diversity. Ideal for school-based staff including head teachers, deputy headteacher, teachers, business manager, family support worker, SENCO, special education teacher, pastoral lead teacher, bursars, school PAs (personal assistants), designated safeguarding lead, school governors, education welfare officer, pastoral support, supervisor, school receptionist, local authority staff and multidisciplinary teams.

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I found that this course gave me a lot of relevant advice about how it improve attendance and promote good relationships between the school and parents.

@nsmtc thank you so much for today's informative course. Feeling ready to get back into school tomorrow and get my attendance high priority and for everyone to understand attendance is everyone's business.

Really good mix of new ideas and making me feel better about what I am already doing. I've been an AO for about four years and this is my first training so thank you, really enjoying it.


In-House Training

In-House Training

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