The Fundamentals of Attachment in Practice: Supporting children/young people in school & college


Course introduction

This course looks at the fundamentals of Attachment Theory such as brain development, the attachment cycle, symptoms and presenting behaviours associated with insecure attachment. Knowledge of attachment is now recognised as important for those who work with children and young people. Attachment Theory provides a vital development framework for making sense of the behaviour of children/young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences. Complex trauma means that very often they have developed maladaptive coping strategies that need to be undone so they can relearn appropriate skills for social integration.

This course is full of practical interventions and strategies to support children and adolescents with Attachment disorders.

What we will cover throughout the day

  • Understand Attachment theory and the impact of early trauma on children and young people;

  • Identify symptoms of Attachment and to be confident in using strategies to enable children/young people to achieve;

  • Raise your basic awareness around Attachment and the crossovers with other conditions such as Autism and ADHD;

  • Understand the four categories of Attachment and how these can present;

  • Unpick the neuroscience of Attachment and the impact on brain development;

  • Discuss the effects of positive and negative attachment relationships on child development;

  • Identify the skills that are required to promote positive attachment relationships;

  • Learn a range of appropriate areas of intervention that would assist a child or young person who has been traumatised through early life experiences;

  • Understand the impact of separation and loss on children and young people.

Target audience

This course is ideal for those working directly with children/young people such as pastoral support, class teachers, teaching assistants, SENCO/ALNCO, mental health lead, family engagement officers, designated teacher, behaviour leads. Multi agency staff including social services.

Trainers for this course

Nicola Marshall

Nicola is a speaker and published author in the field of developmental trauma and Education. As an adoptive parent to three children Nicola has personal experience of living with the impa...ct of early trauma. All of Nicola’s speaking and writing takes the complex concepts of early trauma and makes them simple. There are many experts in this field, but few who have the personal day to day experience as well as the theoretical knowledge.

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"Both workplace and home situations can benefit from the sound advice of Andrea’s wealth of experience mixed with her sense of humour, both of which shine through. Thank-you for raising my awareness, answering my questions and helping me support my wife in her journey through this emotional minefield when she has felt lost and overwhelmed."

"Andrea has the ability to help people get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Her delivery is high energy and high impact and the feedback from our people has been very positive. I'd highly recommend her."

Excellent conference tackling strategies to improve attendance. Speakers were engaging and offered practical suggestions to implement. Another excellent day with NSMTC. I would highly recommend.


About the venue

Stay at home, get comfortable and enjoy our live interactive course via Zoom! You’ll receive the link a few days before the course date so you can get prepared (and excited) ahead of time.

Handy course logistics

  • The course will run via Zoom from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm, however, the trainer will be available 15 minutes before and after the course times to answer any questions.
  • You’ll receive mid-morning, lunch and afternoon breaks to re-energise.
  • This course is designed to be interactive and inclusive. We welcome questions and discussions throughout and we want you to be comfortable and stress-free no matter where you join us from!
  • Your course pack includes handouts, an M&S voucher for food, a snack, a pen and a notepad – we’ll send this to you before the day. Please note this is only for UK-based participants, international attendees will receive the pack via email.
  • Additional links and information will be emailed to you before and during the course.
  • This course is also available as an in-house / INSET training session at your school. Contact us for details.
  • Please Note – the cost is per person

In-House Training

In-House Training

We currently have no upcoming dates for this course - Please contact us for more information or if you would like this course delivered as in-house training.