Family Values Scheme – An effective way of working with families


Course introduction

One of the ways of engaging families in schools is through a published scheme known as Family Values. The scheme is highly successful in creating partnerships in a fun and active way and is based on the philosophy of Values-Based Education, it is through this concept that the Family Values Scheme is founded. The values themselves permeate the scheme and make it an effective tool for any school or organisation. Schools, which are not values-based, will still find the scheme just as productive to use in their setting. The scheme won the Leading Aspect Award in 2010 for its innovative way of engaging parents with schools and organisations and was also a finalist for the TES National School Awards 2011.

The Family Values Scheme is based around a set of 22 values. Each month/half-term/term a different value such as respect or co-operation is chosen for endorsement. The 22 values are made up into monthly packs which encourage parents or families to participate in a series of fun tasks and challenges which they plan and carry out together within the flexibility of their own home. Here area few testimonials from parents who actively participated in the scheme:

“I would just like to praise the idea of the family value club! It’s helped me feel closer to my daughter (after her birth I had Post Natal Depression) and by just doing things together my husband and I are communicating much better. My son told us he was very happy the other day too! It’s amazing what a simple thing such as quality time together does for family life.”

“I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity and reminding me how to have fun with my family and in the last month we have become so much closer. I feel that Family Values has saved my family as we didn’t know how to have fun or spend time together before.”

“Since doing the activities I’ve stopped shouting at my children. I think it’s because they are listening to me more because we’re all having so much fun.”

This course includes the Family Values Scheme pack and 22 values on memory stick.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Improve relationships between family, education setting and community;

  • Embed ‘Values’ and ‘SEAL’ into the home;

  • Improve behaviour;

  • Reinforce the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy;

  • Improve attendance;

  • Support working, economic and disadvantaged families.

Target audience

Aimed at anyone who works directly or indirectly with parents and students. Ideal for school-based staff including head teachers, deputy headteacher, teachers, family support worker, designated safeguarding lead, education welfare officer, pastoral support, supervisor, SENCO/ALNCO, special education teacher, school support staff, mental health lead, pastoral lead teacher, local authority staff and multidisciplinary teams.

Trainers for this course

Nicola S. Morgan


As an international education consultant, author and teacher, Nicola has a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging behaviour and motivating staff, senior leaders and par...ents to help implement change.

Since starting NSMTC and sharing her expertise with a wider audience, Nicola regularly receives positive feedback. Attendees praise her delivery style and how motivated and inspired they feel following her sessions. They leave each training or course with the confidence to push their own boundaries for personal achievement.

On top of writing countless educational books and articles, Nicola is an International Values-Based Education approved trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and an English Channel Swimmer.

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Partnership working is an outstanding feature of the school. There are well established, excellent partnerships with parents and carers. The ‘learn with me’ days are very effective and parents are very positive about their worth. The ‘Family Values’ scheme is highly successful and encourages parents to undertake worthwhile activities with their children at home. Gurnos Nursery, Estyn 2012

I feel the training today has left me fully prepared to launch the Scheme to impact positively on the school community as a whole – an excellent day and very worthwhile. I would fully recommend.

Excellent course – incredibly well delivered and really interesting and thought provoking. Looks to be a really good scheme and loads of help, ideas and activities to launch the scheme within the school. Will enhance the work I do as a parent support advisor. I know some of my families will love to do this.


In-House Training

In-House Training

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