Be the change You want to see in your class, department, team!

Be the change you want to see in your class

Course introduction

When we cannot change the cause of our irritations, many of us blame the other person or situation. This may provide us with some relief, at least for a while, for example saying or thinking:

• They just won’t listen
• They always talk over me
• They are so disrespectful
• It’s their fault
• They expect too much
• They won’t let me…
• They make me annoyed

But what happens when trying to change the other person or situation fails and blaming is not actually making us feel any better? This course ‘Be the change you want to see in your department, team!’ is designed to address this by helping You understand how You can successfully influence the culture and motivation of colleagues and parents You are working with.

Practical strategies and techniques throughout the training will help You understand how to build a better rapport to flip negative/unproductive situations and become a better communicator to achieve your desired outcomes.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Understand the impact your mindset has on your actions;

  • Identify how to influence colleagues and parents;

  • Learn the impact and power of body language in your communication with others;

  • Discover your communication styles and their impact;

  • Look at the main influencers of human behaviour and how you should respond to them;

  • Understand the modes of persuasion and how they can be applied;

  • Learn how to use simple persuasive techniques in your everyday speech;

  • Gain effective listening skills and learn the art of building rapport;

  • Learn to understand the impact of the words you say and how you say them;

  • Implement clear expectations to create a positive culture;

  • Learn how to build positive relationships with your colleagues and parents;

  • Discover why you may have a personality clash with some;

  • Consider using the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and SID Model to your advantage;

  • Gain confidence to negotiate a desired outcome with colleagues and parents.

Target audience

Perfect for teaching and non-teaching staff looking to develop their skills when working with parents and colleagues within a department/team.

Trainers for this course

Nicola S. Morgan


As an international education consultant, author and teacher, Nicola has a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging behaviour and motivating staff, senior leaders and par...ents to help implement change.

Since starting NSMTC and sharing her expertise with a wider audience, Nicola regularly receives positive feedback. Attendees praise her delivery style and how motivated and inspired they feel following her sessions. They leave each training or course with the confidence to push their own boundaries for personal achievement.

On top of writing countless educational books and articles, Nicola is an International Values-Based Education approved trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and an English Channel Swimmer.

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"Both workplace and home situations can benefit from the sound advice of Andrea’s wealth of experience mixed with her sense of humour, both of which shine through. Thank-you for raising my awareness, answering my questions and helping me support my wife in her journey through this emotional minefield when she has felt lost and overwhelmed."

"Andrea has the ability to help people get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Her delivery is high energy and high impact and the feedback from our people has been very positive. I'd highly recommend her."

Excellent conference tackling strategies to improve attendance. Speakers were engaging and offered practical suggestions to implement. Another excellent day with NSMTC. I would highly recommend.


In-House Training

In-House Training

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