Understanding Dyslexia for Education Staff


Course introduction

The understanding dyslexia training course is an essential course designed for teachers and other professionals who want to further develop their knowledge of dyslexia. Did you know10% of the UK population has Dyslexia that’s approximately 6.3 million people and 1 in 6 adults have a reading age of an eleven-year-old? Knowing this clearly demonstrates why this is an essential course for anyone working within education.

During the course participants will not only further develop their understanding and knowledge of dyslexia, but will leave with reassuringly uncomplicated strategies to enable students to enjoy lessons and succeed in class.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Understand what is dyslexia;

  • Gain more knowledge and understanding about dyslexia including, history, research and characteristics (including challenges and strengths);

  • Improve knowledge around dyslexia and neurodiversity;

  • Recognise the co-morbidity and diagnostic process;

  • Gain an awareness of visual stress;

  • Understand the link between dyslexia and mental health;

  • Develop an understanding of the key interventions and strategies available;

  • Explore links to supporting parents and staff;

  • Work through a selection of case studies to further develop understanding.

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I found that this course gave me a lot of relevant advice about how it improve attendance and promote good relationships between the school and parents.

@nsmtc thank you so much for today's informative course. Feeling ready to get back into school tomorrow and get my attendance high priority and for everyone to understand attendance is everyone's business.

Really good mix of new ideas and making me feel better about what I am already doing. I've been an AO for about four years and this is my first training so thank you, really enjoying it.


In-House Training

In-House Training

We currently have no upcoming dates for this course - Please contact us for more information or if you would like this course delivered as in-house training.