Executive Function Skills – What are they and how can we help improve them?


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Executive function skills are a set of mental skills that are vital to our daily life, and especially important to be a successful learner. Many students will have underdeveloped executive function skills for a variety of reasons. This course will look at why that is and how we can help students improve their skills for better learning and life outcomes.


This course will cover:

• Understand what is meant by executive function skills;
• Look at what affects the development of our executive function skills;
• Create a learning environment to improve executive function;
• Support executive function in neurodiverse students;
• Use coaching as a technique to improve executive function;
• Look at techniques to improve working memory, organisation and planning;
• Understand the role of executive function in changing negative behaviour patterns.

Contact us for INSET / In-house Training on bookings@nsmtc.co.uk