The STEP-UP Approach – A Whole School Positive Behaviour Management & Relationships Programme

The STEP-UP Approach - A Whole School Positive Behaviour Management & Relationships Programme

Course introduction

The STEP-UP Approach is a comprehensive scheme supporting schools to achieve effective behaviour management through a simple step-by-step approach, with differentiated methodologies and procedures to meet the need of primary and secondary.

The approach achieves this by encouraging schools to adopt a school behaviour policy which is simple, effective and yet sustainable. It focuses on schools setting up effective systems for school rules, correctives and positive reinforcement linked to the policy. Using tried and tested strategies throughout the approach, it endeavours to show schools how to plan, implement and monitor these systems.

The STEP-UP Approach includes the SUP (Step-Up Programme) supporting individual pupils to recognise and manage their behaviour. This part of the approach can be used independently to enhance existing good practices or as part of a whole school behaviour policy to managing pupil behaviour. It focuses on low level and challenging behaviour by using an FBA assessment to help identifying the correct way forward. It also looks at the school environment and shows schools how a positive learning culture can influence pupils’ behaviour.

Our Five Key Success Approaches:
1. Relational based interventions
2. Predictable and consistent routines
3. Teaching appropriate behaviour
4. Managing situations confidently and calmly
5. Implementing realistic and effective correctives

We Train You – You Train Your Staff
This training package is designed to train you so you can train your staff and is therefore delivered live online over a series of dates of your choice, subject to availability, to embed understanding, generate confidence and ensure sustainability.

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Create a whole school approach to positively managing behaviour;

  • Enable staff to manage pupil behaviour more effectively;

  • Implement a fair and consistent method in dealing with incidents;

  • Adopt rules, correctives and positive reinforcement which are effective;

  • Teach strategies to help pupils manage their behaviour;

  • Understand how the STEP-UP Approach works;

  • Unpick the SUP (Step-Up Programme);

  • Look at affective ways to manage challenging behaviour;

  • Implement ways to repair the adult-child relationship;

  • Unpick case studies;

  • Monitor and evaluate of the approach to ensure sustainability;

  • Develop an action plan to disseminate to staff.

Target audience

Aimed at anyone who is looking for an effective whole school approach for positive behaviour management and relationship building.

Trainers for this course

Nicola S. Morgan


As an international education consultant, author and teacher, Nicola has a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging behaviour and motivating staff, senior leaders and par...ents to help implement change.

Since starting NSMTC and sharing her expertise with a wider audience, Nicola regularly receives positive feedback. Attendees praise her delivery style and how motivated and inspired they feel following her sessions. They leave each training or course with the confidence to push their own boundaries for personal achievement.

On top of writing countless educational books and articles, Nicola is an International Values-Based Education approved trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and an English Channel Swimmer.

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At last, a programme which is easy and effective to use and shows maximum results very quickly. We used this approach in my last inspection and we were judged outstanding for behaviour management and inclusion. Training was fun and thoroughly enjoyable, a fantastic result. (Headteacher)

Since introducing the STEP-UP Approach in my school I have seen a dramatic decrease in unwanted behaviours. Teachers are able to manage the behaviour more effectively as the children have clear rules and expectations. Not only is it an effective corrective but the children who have been placed on the Step-Up Programme have learnt the necessary skills to help manage their behaviour long term. I recommend this Programme to other schools.(Headteacher)

The implementation of the STEP-UP Approach has made a significant impact in our school. It has enabled the school to equip staff with the knowledge and skills they require, to meet increasingly challenging and diverse pupil needs. Children who display challenging behaviour have benefited immensely. All have developed coping strategies, as well as demonstrating significant improvement in their achievements. (Headteacher)


In-House Training

In-House Training

We currently have no upcoming dates for this course - Please contact us for more information or if you would like this course delivered as in-house training.