Pastoral Support

NSM Training & Consultancy provides a range of training to support all areas of pastoral support, leadership, inclusion and therapeutic interventions. We provide training to meet your specific needs and help you on your learning journey.

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What can you expect to learn?

Effective Systems

Our training supports the provision put in place at schools/colleges to provide students with emotional support and ensure their physical wellbeing.

Skilled Staff

Developing the skill set, confidence, consistency and empathy of all staff are the key ingredients to long term success.

Support Independence

Supporting students to improve attendance and retention rates, access opportunities, and enhance academic achievements.

What we offer in this subject

Suggested training

  • The Role of the Pastoral Lead

  • The Advanced Pastoral Leader

  • Supporting Looked After Children and Young People: The School Role

  • The Role of the PSHE Lead

  • Peer Mentoring Programme Training for Education Staff

“The Role of the Pastoral Leader training through the NSM Training & Consultancy is extremely worthwhile. Very informative with a huge amount of resources recommended throughout the day.”

B. Evans

Pastoral Lead

We support leading schools, colleges and organisations with relevant and expert training

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Pastoral Support training

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