Behaviour Management

NSM Training & Consultancy is a leading provider of training and development for positive behaviour management. We provide training to meet your specific needs and help you on your learning journey.

Motiviate your staff

What can you expect to learn?

Improve Consistency

Our training is designed to ensure a consistent and sustainable approach to positive behaviour management which is understood by all.

Empower Staff

Developing the skill set, confidence, consistency and empathy of all staff are the key ingredients to long term success.

Support Independence

Providing children/young people with a skill set to help them identify and manage their behaviour will help promote independence, confidence and self-esteem.

What we offer in this subject

Suggested training

  • Working with Disruptive, Defiant & Disrespectful Pupils

  • The Explosive Pupil! Anger Management for Schools and Colleges

  • Preventing School Exclusions

  • Restorative Practice

  • The Fundamentals of Attachment in Practice

  • Shift Your Mindset: Outstanding Behaviour Management

  • A Kit Bag: Promoting Positive Behaviour

  • Why Won’t That Child Behave?

  • Positive Approaches for SEMH Students

  • The STEP-UP Approach: A Whole School Positive Behaviour Management & Relationships Programme

  • Effective Parental Communication: Improving Student Attendance & Behaviour

  • Positive Behaviour Management for Colleges: A Four-Way Approach

  • Responding to sexualised behaviours in Primary Schools

  • Peer Mentoring Programme Training for Education Staff

“Since introducing the behaviour approach in my school I have seen a dramatic decrease in unwanted behaviours. Teachers are able to manage the behaviour more effectively as the children have clear rules and expectations. Not only is it an effective corrective but the children who have been placed on the Step-Up Programme have learnt the necessary skills to help manage their behaviour long term. I recommend this training to other schools.”

G Ellis


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Behaviour Management training

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