• Author

    Nicola S Morgan

  • Format

    Digital PDF

  • Suitable for

    Primary and Secondary Schools

Be Resilient! Practical ways to Develop Resilient Pupils/Students


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Are your students struggling to deal with challenges or change at home, school, college or in the community?

Are you finding it difficult to support and guide them through these difficult situations?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then this programme is for you.

'Be Resilient! Practical ways to Develop Resilient Pupils/Students' is a simple approach to supporting and developing student resilience. The outcome? They feel stronger, more capable and able to bounce forward in challenging situations. By downloading this activity pack, you’ll have access to practical strategies and ideas that can give you, an education professional, the confidence and skills to support this essential area of student development. The sessions can be used step by step or as and when needed depending on the group or individual. Example themes include, ‘When the going gets tough!’, ‘I’m possible!’ and ‘Resilience warriors!’. Student resilience is just as important as academic learning and well-being so let’s get started!

We’ve designed a collaborative and inclusive structure to guide activities, discussion and reflection:

  • Introduction: welcome and feedback from home activity

  • Expectations: establish and revisit expectations and ground rules

  • Overview: summarise the theme of the session

  • Quote: discuss a quote that encapsulates an aspect of the session

  • Reflection: review the impact of the previous session

  • Session Activity: discuss activities and themes relating to the session topic

  • WWW (What Worked Well): help focus on the positives

  • Home Activity: things to do outside the session

  • Close: agree on a time and date for the next session

  • Author

    Nicola S Morgan

  • Format

    Digital PDF

  • Suitable for

    Primary and Secondary Schools

"Child-centered activities which allow you to reflect on your own practice and resilience, and how it impacts the children."

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