Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference 27th May 2021 Live Online

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Live Online on Thursday, 27th May 2021

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The past academic year has been like no other, schools and colleges are going to be under significant pressure as we work to put children and young people’s mental wellbeing at the forefront, while helping to get learning back on track. We are likely to face challenges ensuring the return to education, settling back into routines, supporting pandemic-related anxieties, managing behaviour and re-establishing the relationships that enable children, young people, staff and families flourish.

Join our live online conference and hear from leading practitioners present on expert guidance, best practice and the latest resources. All co-ordinated to help support schools and colleges plan the next steps in the recovery process by implementing effective mental health interventions and practices.

The day’s conference will also include opportunities for delegates to ask questions, network in breakout groups to discuss key issues and share good practice as well as enjoy a delicious M&S lunch of their choice compliments of NSM Training & Consultancy.



Key reasons to attend:

• Understand what is needed for a recovery process to support children, young people, staff and families;
• Develop a whole school/college recovery approach to meet emotional needs and promote effective teaching and learning;
• Look at ways to support SEND children/young people including their families;
• Understand the impact of post lockdown anxiety and ways to support;
• Explore case studies and look at ways to develop a consistent mental health and wellbeing whole-school approach;
• Understand the importance of community cohesion develop a deeper collaboration and cooperation with a wider range of partners to meet the needs of all;
• Look at ways to support the mental health of parents/caregivers;
• Understand the importance in developing resilience to ease transition and gain new approaches to support pupils and staff experiencing depleting mental health and wellbeing;
• Receive resources containing speaker’s presentations, M&S food voucher and many more goodies.


Key Speakers include:

Professor Jonathan Glazzard – Professor of Inclusive Education – Carnegie School of Education

Dr Tina Rae – Child Psychologist, Author & SEMH Expert

Mike Armiger – Education (SEMH) & Mental health Advisor & Author

Sam Garner – Education Consultant & Author

Julie Rees – Headteacher, Education Consultant & Author



“Great practical ideas to help us all support and create good mental health in the classroom. Great presentation. So many wonderful ideas. Thank you”

“Loving the start to the MH conference so far Barry and Nina so so inspirational! Thinking of asking Nina to be my new best friend! ….. what a woman! Thanks so much for arranging such good content! Feeling positive going back into my workplace, off to enjoy my kit Kat!”

“Amazing training inspirational and uplifting.”

“Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference is brilliant, so much information being shared and a lot of it new to me. I was concerned how an online conference would work but it’s been amazing, interactive and plenty of humour. Thank you”

“Half way through the conference today and totally overwhelmed with the inspirational and amazing speakers- can’t wait for the rest of the conference. So many great suggestions, resources for staff, parents and children and a good reminder to take care of ourselves too! I work with families across a cluster of 5 schools and I feel re energised by the conference to continue offering the support they need. Thank you.” 💛 #nsmtc”

“Great to hear from Prof. Barry carpenter as he opens the Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference hosted by @nsmtc Great insights into the impact on children’s mental health, and prioritising our response to support children on their return to school. Something we feel strongly about!

“@nsmtc really impressed with comms and set up for this important conference!”

“Taking part in a Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference today. Opened with Professor Barry Carpenter providing vital insights into how we can support children in a recovery curriculum. We need to support young people now more than ever before @nsmtc”

“An emotional start to the day listening to Prof. Barry Carpenter’s thoughts on the impact this pandemic is having on children’s mental health and well-being. Confirms my passion for putting children’s well-being at the heart of our curriculum. Red heart Thank you @nsmtc.”

“Superb talk @nsmtc this morning on the recovery curriculum and managing wellbeing on the return to school. Very powerful and full of useful ideas from Prof. Carpenter…lots of ideas.. watch this space @RMSforGirls

“Wow what a great conference on mental health and well-being by @nsmtc ! So informative and engaging and touched on such important topics with a focus not only within lockdown but when we go into ‘recovery and beyond’. Loved the M&S voucher, workbook & stationary freebies in the pack too!”

“A professionally nourishing day at the @nsmtc Mental Health & Well-being conference. So much to think about and so much reassurance around what we are doing across our Trust. A big thank you to you all.”


Conference Programme

9.20 – 9.30: Welcome

9.35 – 10.30: Professor Jonathan Glazzard
Pupil and teacher wellbeing in schools: the whole school approach
This session will present Jonathan’s research on pupil and teacher wellbeing in schools. It will explore the factors which affect wellbeing and it will address teacher resilience and the whole-school approach to mental health.

10.30 – 11.25: Dr Tina Rae – What next? Beyond ‘Covid Catch up’ – the road to Recovery
Dr Tina Rae’s keynote will focus on the need to connect, soothe and nurture as we return fully to the classroom learning context. She will make a case in psychological terms for the rejection of any notion of ‘academic catch up’ first whilst also not buying into the current narrative which pathologises all our children and feeds them the message that they will all have fallen behind and will all be at risk of severe mental health difficulties both now and in the future.
Tina will provide a framework for building a whole school ethos of recovery and ways we can all effectively resource the Recovery curriculum. This will include recognition of the 3 R’s – the Rules, Resources and Rituals that build mental health and wellbeing at a whole school level and ensure relational safety, self-efficacy, connection and hope.

11.25 – 11.35: Breakout Room/Networking

11.35 – 11.45: Break

11.45 – 11.55: Presenters answer questions

11.55 – 12.45: Mike Armiger Regulation, Rethinking, Safety Planning & Much More
In this session Mike will talk about how we support learners and staff post school return and onwards. With a range of focuses on regulation, rethinking interventions, safety planning and much more, Mike will aim to give as many practical tips as possible to all delegates joining him on the day. He will be encouraging us to think anew in terms of mental health and wellbeing.

12.45 – 12.50: Presenters answer questions

12.50 – 1.25: LUNCH

1.25 – 1.50: Sam Garner- So, how are you? COVID & Staff Mental Health
COVID didn’t just have an impact on the mental health of students, it’s also had an impact on the mental health of staff. What was this impact and how should we support staff mental health moving forward. This session will look at the latest research, lessons we learned and how we can support positive mental and provide effective systems for you and your school/organisation staff.

1.50 – 2.15: Sam Garner – Supporting the Mental Health of SEND Pupils
For some SEN students COVID19 lockdown had a positive effect on their mental health as the school environment was a difficult place for them. Bearing in mind that SEND students are statistically six times more likely to suffer from a mental health condition, this session will look at the positive and negative impacts on the mental health and SEN students, and look at what additional support is needed to ensure that our settings are a protective factor rather than a risk factor.

2.15 – 2.25: Breakout Room/Networking

2.25 – 2.35: BREAK

2.35 – 2.45: Presenters answer questions

2.45 – 3.25: Julie Rees – Building a Resilient School & Community
Building a resilient school is key to supporting students, staff and families when challenges, such as COVID, strikes. In this session, Julie will share the journey her school has been on through embedding a values-based ethos and using resilient leaders’ elements tools to ensure the community are supported and ready to embrace the next step. She will share resources and tools that schools can use practically to enable teams and people to flourish as they positively embrace what the future may hold.

3.25 – 3.30: Presenters answer questions

3.30: CLOSE


Further information

Trainer will be in the room at 9:00am and until 4:00pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Mid-morning and afternoon breaks will be given to make the day comfortable and enjoyable.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the conference. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

We will send you a pack in the post with a £10 gift voucher for lunch, a treat for break time, all handouts and activity packs. These will also be sent as a digital editable version during the session if you needed.

We will ensure that the conference is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Additional information

Date and Location

27th May 2021