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Developing Mindset, Building Resilience in Children & Young People – Live Online Course

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Practical strategies and ideas for school and home.

The ‘Developing Mindset, Building Resilience in Children & Young People’ training course is designed for participants to develop practical ways to effectively embed the mindset research which has already boosted achievement and resilience within classrooms, schools/colleges and homes. Participants will have the ability to not only develop the mindset of children and young people but also help them embrace challenges, develop resilience and continue developing their learning as well as overcome challenges. The course will also look at engaging families by taking mindset and resilience strategies into the home and includes the Family Growth Mindset Scheme memory stick.
An ideal course to support the recovery process caused by the challenges of COVID-19 and the impact experienced by children, young people and families.



• Understand what is meant by mindset and resilience and look at ways to put it into practice;
• Unpick the latest research based on developing mindset and overcoming belief systems;
• Unpick how a positive mindset can increase achievement;
• Help build and develop children and young people’s resilience and motivation;
• Develop language to help think and talk about learning/challenges;
• Understand the impact of positive reinforcement and target setting;
• Look at ways to take mindset and resilience into the home to help support families.

This course includes the Family Growth Mindset Scheme on a memory stick worth £295+VAT


Family Growth Mindset Scheme includes:
• Practical ways for the family to positively reinforce their child so that they feel motivated;
• Effective questions for the family to use as an alternative to praise;
• Practical ways for the family to improve behaviour and motivation to learn;
• Tools to establish family members’ mindset;
• Effective ways for the family to deliver feedback in order to motivate and build resilience;
• A structured bank of fun and exciting activities for the family to promote and develop motivation, effort, resilience
and challenge.

Learn more about the pack here https://nsmtc.co.uk/product/family-growth-mindset-scheme-pack/
Take a look inside the pack here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57sASbHeolM



Aimed at anyone who works directly or indirectly with children, young people and families looking for ways to develop and mindset and resilience. Ideal for school-based staff including teachers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO, special education teacher, school support staff, classroom assistant, teaching assistant, pastoral care staff and pastoral lead teacher.



“Probably the best CPD I have had. The passion, clarity and openness made it a thoroughly engaging day which has challenged my thinking. A real strength was the different ways in which the material was presented video, data, image, discussion and debate. Thank you I am confident I will be a stronger teacher and leader as a result.”

“Incredibly helpful. I am already incredibly passionate about the subject. The course allowed me to speak to others about their practical ideas for the classroom. It was great to be a part of a course where I left with more than just theory. I have got so many ideas for my classroom and the school. Thank you!”

“The training day was very motivational and helped me to identity where our school are in terms of developing a growth mindset culture. I am looking forward to planning how to develop this and will use the resources provided by Nicola to help engage all stake holders. I have a much better understanding of what growth mindset is and look forward to continuing this.”

“This was a fascinating and relevant course which was delivered to a very high standard. We were not bombarded by PowerPoints and come away with MANY practical suggestions which have the potential to make huge impacts in our school.”

“Today I am taking part in the growth mindset training. It is very informative and beneficial while being made so interactive which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend this training and I now feel confident and equipped to putting this knowledge into practice.”

“Developing Mindset, Building Resilience in Children & Young People course has really given me the tools to support children and families after the last year of chaos. Being good role models to children and how to deal with situations will give them the foundations to be successful. Brilliant. Thank you.”

“Amazing training, engaging and knowledgeable trainer very impressed WILL highly recommend to my Head of School, most interesting and helpful training I HAVE HAD EVER! I love Nic. Will be looking for her training and book again after today!”

“Thank you for a wonderful day. Nicola makes a day of virtual training so interactive and fun.”


Further information

Times: 9:30am – 3:00pm live online training via Zoom
Trainer will be in the room at 9:15am and until 3:30pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Breaks for mid morning and afternoon including an hour for lunch will also be given.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the training. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

Information and links will be emailed to you prior and during the course.
Your pack including handouts, a M&S gift voucher for food, snack pen and notepad & the Family Growth Mindset files all on a memory stick will be posted to you prior to the course.
We will ensure that the training day is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.
This course is also available as in-house / INSET training at your school. Contact us for details.

Additional information

Date and Location

14th June 2022, 9th November 2022