NSM Training & Consultancy Ltd offers a range of consultancy services on all aspects of education.

Our consultants are experienced inspectors, school leaders, headteachers, and training providers and will work closely with you to support, guide, develop and inform. Our consultancy service can consist of the following depending on your needs:

  • Support for school improvement
  • Inspection preparation
  • Policy review
  • learning walks
  • on-site visits
  • lesson observation
  • discussion with learners

Recent school inspections have highlighted NSM Training & Consultancy’s training and programmes including the Family Values Scheme and behaviour management:

Gurnos Nursery Inspection – Partnership Working ‘Excellent’ Partnership working is an outstanding feature of the school. There are well established, excellent partnerships with parents and carers. The ‘learn with me’ days are very effective and parents are very positive about their worth. The ‘Family Values’ scheme is highly successful and encourages parents to undertake worthwhile activities with their children at home.

Coed Eva Primary School Inspection – How well are learners cared for, guided and supported? ‘Excellent’ The monitoring of behaviour, attendance and punctuality is excellent. The school’s policies and procedures to promote good behaviour work exceptionally well and are consistently and fairly applied by staff.

The Valley Community Primary School Inspection – Overall Effectiveness of school – ‘Outstanding’ The school is outstanding in almost every respect and enjoys an enviable reputation in the local community and beyond. Staff are at one to promote ‘Family Values’ of trust and respect, and give the children in their care high aspirations and dreams for the future.