Tackling Behaviour in your Primary School

By Professor Ken Reid and Nicola S Morgan

Tackling Behaviour in the Primary School provides ready-made advice and support for classroom professionals and can be used, read and adapted to suit the busy everyday lives of teachers working in primary schools today.

This valuable text sets the scene for managing behaviour in the primary classroom in the context of the Children Act 2004 agenda, making it highly relevant to trainee primary teachers, learning school mentors, classroom assistants, behaviour specialists and senior management teams. As experts in the field of behaviour management, the authors draw on their many years of experience to provide evidenced whole-school strategies, extensively-researched concepts and step-by-step behaviour programmes. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding behaviour
  • How to measure behaviour and why this can be an effective approach
  • Using and implementing whole-school behaviour policies
  • Honing your classroom management skills
  • Managing bullying
  • Dealing with specific classroom difficulties
  • Working effectively and supportively with parents.

Drawing on case-studies throughout, this handbook will help you to understand and deal with the most confrontational of classroom behaviour. Tackling Behaviour in the Primary School provides all staff, parents and carers engaged in health, education and social services with a ready-made resource packed full of strategies, ideas, activities and solutions to help manage behaviour in even the toughest of classrooms.

Courses are available to support this publication, for course listings go to www.nsmtc.co.uk/courses.php. If you’d like this training for your school contact nsmtc@live.co.uk

Published by:
Routledge (2012)
ISBN 978-0-415-67023-4