‘Well Done!’ Praise Note Pads
The Praise Note Pads are ideal for Playtime Supervisors to help reinforce good behaviour and communicate this with the class teacher and/or home as part of the school’s positive behaviour strategy. These are handed to the child who can then show their teacher and take them home. Quick and convenient to use allowing the Playtime Supervisors to select from the following list and/or add a brief description of the pupil’s good behaviour:

Today I caught you:

  • Lining up sensibly
  • Helping others and being kind
  • Walking away from a situation
  • Playing nicely with your friends
  • Being polite and showing good manners
  • Using the correct voice level

£2.99+VAT each (50 sheets per pad)

10% discount on orders over 50

Plus postage and packaging:
1 – 2 pads = £3.99 + VAT
4 – 10 pads = £4.99 + VAT
11 – 18 pads = £7.99 + VAT
19 – 25  pads = £13.99 + VAT

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