The Family Growth Mindset Scheme

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The Family Growth Mindset Scheme enables teaching and non-teaching staff to significantly improve their relationships and communication with parents and carers, raise standards, build and develop mindset and resilience, improve attendance with the full knowledge, participation and cooperation of parents. The Family Growth Mindset Scheme is designed to promote these ideals and well as develop individuals to love learning, overcome obstacles and take on challenges. The Family Growth Mindset Scheme is divided into six sections, all designed to help develop the individual’s mindset into a ‘I can’ attitude by engaging in fun and challenging activities.

 The scheme aims to:

  • raise standards in learning;
  • strengthen relationships and increase interaction between the family, school
  • and local community;
  • use appropriate growth mindset language to inculcate appropriate standards as an intrinsic way of life both at home and at school;
  • raise self-esteem;
  • develop resilience.

The pack includes:

Section 1: Understanding the importance of parental engagement; Engaging Families in Raising Achievement; Mindsets; About The Family Growth Mindset Scheme Pack; Resources

Section 2: Parent Information Sheets

Section 3: Activity Sheets:
–  Brilliant Brain x10
–  Try something new x10
–  Marvellous Mistakes x10
–  Focussed Practice x10
–  Creative Challenges x10


All handouts for parents are on the CD for easy printing


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Postage and packaging £9.99

Courses are available in venues and in-house

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