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Suitable for Primary and secondary schools

Developing student’s resilience is now being seen as just as important as academic learning and wellbeing. This programme is designed to develop resilient students through a series of activities, which will directly and indirectly provide a wealth of practical strategies so that they become mentally tough and able to bounce forward in challenging situations.

This programme is a non-prescriptive, flexible approach which can be used as a whole or dipped in and out of according to the facilitator’s aims and needs of the group/individual. The facilitator is encouraged to use other resources and materials, spend more time on some activities than others and adapt activities according to the age and ability of the group/individual and time available.

The sessions include:

  • When the going gets tough!
  • Right where I belong!
  • Look on the bright side!
  • Lets get gritty!
  • I’m not alone!
  • Don’t give up!
  • Mission I’m possible!
  • Bounce Forward!
  • Positive Reflections!
  • Resilience warriors!

Cost £49+VAT 

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