Founder and Director, Nicola S Morgan, becomes an official Channel Swimmer!

Founder and Director, Nicola S Morgan, becomes an official Channel Swimmer!

Following months of rigorous and intense training, our director Nicola S Morgan has smashed her goal of swimming the English Channel and is now an official Channel Swimmer! The National Education Show and NSM Training & Consultancy team are so pleased and proud, we want to shout out about it!

The story:

Nicola’s swimming journey started in 2011, when she taught herself the front crawl after years of wanting to learn. This, along with the desire to understand the power of mindset and resilience, prompted Nicola to set herself the huge goal of swimming the ‘Mount Everest’ of swims from Dover to Calais – an accomplishment only completed by around 1,800 people since official recordings began in 1875. Just 36% of these completed swims were done by women.

Nicola succeeded in this phenomenal task on her second swim attempt, after falling just short of France on her first attempt in 2017. After 14.5 hours in the water, Nicola was pulled out as she was stuck in a relentless current, just 4 miles from France. She was pulled from the sea and into the boat; she felt she had let herself and the crew down.

However, a comment from the ship’s captain convinced Nicola to try again and make a second channel swim attempt – “You haven’t failed, it’s just unfinished business”.

For the past two years, Nicola has trained tirelessly in seas, lakes and swimming pools – sometimes for over 8 hours a day, a few times a week! Along with acclimatising herself with ice baths, and working hard to develop her swimming technique, Nicola has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal.

The challenge involved swimming in the pitch black night, in cold water, through swarms of jellyfish and developing a shoulder injury within the first 6 hours – it’s safe to say it wasn’t an enjoyable experience! An amazing feat such as this requires dedication, courage, and an unbreakable level of resilience. A skills which Nicola advocates strongly to everyone she meets.

Nicola couldn’t have done it without support

Throughout the long and difficult training, and all the way through the night and of both swims, Nicola has relied on the strength and support of her co-director and business partner, Einir A Williams.

Einir has also spent many months of her own time on the big train for the swim, by attending practices with her in lakes and pools across the country – always there to give her support and motivation to just keep swimming. On the night of the swim, Einir was one of the key members of the support crew on the boat who monitored Nicola’s progress, prepared her feeds and gave her tireless encouragement and motivation to continue on her 15 hour swim.

Nicola knows that she could not have achieved her goal without Einir by her side throughout the entire process, and would like to give a special thanks to her. Nicola and Einir work amazingly well as a team, and are the driving force behind both NSM Training and Consultancy, and the National Education Show. Together they achieve amazing results, and the whole team can’t wait to see where their hard work and dedication will take us next!

All for a good cause:

Nicola set up a sponsorship page for her swim, and all proceeds from the donations will go towards a very important cause close to her heart.

Mari Lewis, from Caernarfon in North Wales, suffers with WAGR syndrome – an extremely rare condition that affects just 300 people worldwide, and only one in Wales which is Mari herself. WAGR can affect individuals in a variety of ways.

At just 7 years old, Mari has already had 11 surgeries, after doctors discovered she had a Wilms Tumour at just 12 days old. Wilms Tumour is a very rare form of kidney cancer, which can develop as a result of having WAGR.

Along with the tumours, Mari also developed Aniridia which affects her eyesight in multiple ways. Mari is registered blind, and struggles to see in bright light, but is still able to read very large text closeup – which she very much enjoys.

Throughout her entire life, Mari has needed to rely on her resilience and determination to find her own way of doing and enjoying things. After hearing of Mari’s story, Nicola was determined to achieve her goal and raise as much money for Mari as possible on the way.

Mari’s parents were raising money for an Optilec Traveller HD, a life-changing piece of equipment which enables Mari to enlarge books and other text to a size in which she is able to read it comfortably. With this equipment, she can read and learn more, two activities she loves to do.

Nicola has already raised enough money to buy Mari her Optilec Traveller HD, and is still raising even more money on her ongoing sponsorship page! The rest of the money will be split and donated to two amazing charities – Aniridia Network UK and International WAGR Syndrome Association!

Nicola would like to thank each and every person who has supported her training and fundraising, as she would not have been able to achieve this without support around her.

Nicola said, ‘You can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself, the human potential has no limits.’

There’s still time to donate to Nicola’s sponsor page here, and you can view a great video of Nicola’s fantastic journey.