New: Family Growth Mindset Scheme Pack now available to buy!

New: Family Growth Mindset Scheme Pack now available to buy!


The Family Growth Mindset Scheme is designed to promote growth mindsets within the home environment to raise standards and aspirations of children/young people and families in order to boost the potential of all pupils within school.

This is the next effective step after implementing Growth Mindsets in your school to ensure sustainability and outcomes.

This course is also appropriate for delegates who have no prior knowledge of Growth Mindsets and are looking for an effective tool to engage more families within school.

Course Prices

£225 + VAT (Early bird)

£260 + VAT (Standard rate)

Early bird offer is available 2 months before course date.

Includes lunch, refreshments, full set of course notes and CPD Certificate.

Family Growth Mindset Scheme pack and CD includes:

  • Practical ways for the family to praise their child so that they feel motivated.
  • Effective questions for the family to use as an alternative to praise.
  • Practical ways for the family to improve behaviour and motivation to learn.
  • Tools to establish family members’ mindset.
  • Effective ways for the family to deliver feedback in order to motivate and build resilience.
  • A structured bank of fun and exciting activities for the family to promote and develop motivation, effort, resilience and challenge.

Price £295 + VAT (+ Delivery)