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‘You Look Fine To Me’ – Developing purposeful staff wellbeing in schools/colleges

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There is a growing concern and increase with Mental and Emotional health issues in our schools. We need to stand together, work as one, and support each other to be emotionally healthy, resilient and happy, prepared for the struggles that 21st Century Education is placing upon us.

Do you have an “inside out, outside in” emotional wellbeing philosophy and approach in your school/college? The skills and strategies needed for wellbeing and mental health should now be part of teaching, learning and staff development. So why is it that some topics are still difficult to talk about or even tackle? Why taboo? Why are so many scared of talking, addressing and supporting the needs of our children and staff in an ever changing, stressful and complex system of wellbeing and mental health.

Developing a whole school/college approach to meeting the emotional needs for everyone is crucial for effective teaching and learning as well as professional wellbeing. This course will help you make a difference in your school/college, so that you are energised, refreshed and confident in dealing with mental and emotional health and wellbeing for all.



• Understand the meaning of wellbeing and positive mental health;
• Develop a deeper understanding of resilience;
• Learn how to create the conditions for high wellbeing and resilience in schools;
• Look at ways to reduce stress and anxiety;
• Identify the needs of staff to be healthy, happy professionals;
• Practice strategies and techniques for 5 ways to wellbeing;
• Use a range of time and task planning tools in order to stay on top of priorities and remain flexible to changing priorities;
• Manage difficult situations effectively and stress free;
• Develop a wellbeing action plan to improve staff wellbeing;
• Create a whole school approach to effectively manage staff wellbeing and mental health;
• Develop a model of reflective practice;
• Identify and support members of staff, who are feeling stressed and/or anxious;
• Explore resilience-building techniques and their potential impact on wellbeing;
• Look at ways to measure the wellbeing of staff;
• Discuss tools and tips for managing workload; Create an action plan and environment where the wellbeing and mental health of all is supported effectively;
• Understand the role of leadership in supporting a whole school approach to staff wellbeing;
• Leave the training with a toolkit to promote wellbeing for all.



Nina Jackson


Further information

Times: 9:30am – 3:00pm live online training via Zoom
Trainer will be in the room at 9:15am and until 3:30pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Breaks for mid morning and afternoon including an hour for lunch will also be given.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the training. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

Information and links will be emailed to you prior and during the course.
Your pack including handouts, a M&S gift voucher for food, snack pen and notepad will be posted to you prior to the course.
We will ensure that the training day is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.
This course is also available as in-house / INSET training at your school. Contact us for details.

Additional information

Date and Location

23rd September 2022, 2nd December 2022