The STEP-UP Approach A Whole School Positive Behaviour Management & Relationships Programme Course


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The STEP-UP Approach is a comprehensive scheme to support schools to achieve effective behaviour management through a simple step-by-step approach. The approach achieves this by encouraging schools to adopt a school behaviour policy which is simple, effective and yet sustainable. It focuses on schools setting up effective systems for school rules, correctives and positive reinforcement linked to a whole school behaviour policy. Using tried and tested strategies throughout the approach, it endeavours to show schools how to plan, implement and monitor these systems. 

The STEP-UP Approach includes the SUP (Step-Up Programme) to help individual students recognise and manage their behaviour. This part of the approach can be used independently to enhance existing good practices or as part of a whole school behaviour policy to managing students’ behaviour. It focuses upon students reflecting on their behaviour and identifying the correct way forward. It also looks at the school environment and shows schools how a positive learning culture can influence how students behaving school.

Delegates will be asked to bring to the course a copy of their school behaviour policy.



  • • Understand how the STEP-UP Approach works;
  • • Use the STEP-UP Approach;
  • • Unpick the SUP (Step-Up Programme);
  • • Effective ways to manage challenging behaviour;
  • • Ways to repair the adult-child relationship;
  • • Look at case studies;
  • • Monitor and evaluation of the approach to ensure sustainability;
  • • Create a whole school approach to positively managing behaviour;
  • • Enable staff to manage students’ behaviour more effectively;
  • • Implement a fair and consistent method in dealing with incidents;
  • • Adopt rules, correctives and positive reinforcement which are effective;
  • • Teach strategies to help students manage their behaviour.


The STEP-UP Approach Handbook
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Target Audience

Aimed at anyone who is looking for an effective whole school approach for positive behaviour management and relationship building. Ideal for school-based staff including teachers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO, special education teacher, pastoral care staff and pastoral lead teacher.



“Since introducing the STEP-UP Approach in my school I have seen a dramatic decrease in unwanted behaviours. Teachers are able to manage the behaviour more effectively as the children have clear rules and expectations. Not only is it an effective corrective but the children who have been placed on the Step-Up Programme have learnt the necessary skills to help manage their behaviour long term. I recommend this Programme to other schools.” (Headteacher)

“The implementation of the STEP-UP Approach has made a significant impact in our school. It has enabled the school to equip staff with the knowledge and skills they require, to meet increasingly challenging and diverse pupil needs. Children who display challenging behaviour have benefited immensely. All have developed coping strategies, as well as demonstrating significant improvement in their achievements.” (Headteacher)

“One particular strength of the programme, has been the way in which it has improved parents engagement with school. This has enabled far more effective partnership working and provided vital support for families, which is often not available elsewhere. I have been very pleased with the improvements the programme has brought to our setting and have no hesitation in recommending it to other schools.” (Headteacher)

“The STEP-UP Approach has given staff confidence and strategies to deal with challenging behaviour. The Step-Up Programme is an effective way of bringing about long-term changes in challenging behaviour.” (Deputy Headteacher)

“At last a programme which is easy and effective to use and shows maximum results very quickly. We used this approach in my last inspection and we were judged outstanding for behaviour management and inclusion. Training was fun and thoroughly enjoyable, a fantastic result.” (Headteacher)

“At last a programme which is easy and effective to use and shows maximum results very quickly. We used this approach in my last inspection and we were judged outstanding for behaviour management and inclusion. Training was fun and thoroughly enjoyable, a fantastic result.” (Headteacher)

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