Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference 2021 Live Online

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Live Online on 28th January 2021

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought unique and unexpected challenges to children’s mental health and wellbeing, schools and parents.

Join our live online conference and hear from leading practitioners present on expert guidance, best practice and the latest resources. All co-ordinated to help education staff provide effective and timely mental health interventions and practices within their school.
The day’s conference will also include opportunities for delegates to ask questions, breakout groups to discuss key issues and share good practice as well as enjoy a delicious M&S lunch of their choice compliments of NSM Training & Consultancy.

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Key reasons to attend:

• Explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on staff, students and parents;
• Look at ways to raise awareness and promote mental health and wellbeing in education;
• Develop a whole school approach to meet emotional needs and promote effective teaching and learning;
• Introduce mental health as part of your curriculum;
• How to use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques to support mental health and wellbeing;
• Understanding how students use social media and the impact it can have on their mental health;
• Ways to make students feel more confident to participate in social and academic activities;
• Explore case studies and look at ways to develop a consistent mental health and wellbeing whole-school approach;
• Look at ways to support the mental health of parents/caregivers;
• Receive resources containing speaker’s presentations, USB and additional toolkits


Key Speakers include:

Professor Barry Carpenter
Samantha Garner – Education Consultant
Nina Jackson – Education Consultant
Martin Staniforth – Dove Self Esteem Project Catalyst



“Deeply insightful into a range of issues. The chance to go into extreme detail in conversation with other educators which helped me produce a new perspective and appreciation for my students’ developmental life.”

“Engaging with brilliant practical ideas, a really great opportunity to talk to each other about mental health.”
“Clear way forward for us as a school. Very school specific targets and help for individual children.”

“A superb conference, loved the fact that the pace of the day was fast moving – no wasted time.”

“A positive experience learning loads of idea for removing the stigma of mental ill health and supporting our young people.”2

“Excellent both as a refresher and new learning. I will defiantly use a great deal of strategies and discussed in my school.”

“Very knowledgeable. I knew mental health was a concern but seeing the figures really brought it
Home, so many young people are affected by mental health.”

“Extremely informative. Enabled us to hit the ground running with a new set of strategies.”


Samantha Garner
Education Consultant

Samantha is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who has also worked in schools as a SENCo and so understands the challenges faced when supporting mental health in schools. She has currently written two CBT programmes which are being successfully implemented and used in schools.

Nina Jackson
Education Consultant

Nina is an International Education Consultant, author, award winning speaker and is a leading practitioner in outstanding learning and teaching, mental health and wellbeing. She has a particular gift of working with SEND, and engaging disaffected learners. Her training courses on all aspects of Learning and Teaching always leave educationalists wanting more – she is in high demand for working with teachers, students and educationalists alike. Winner of the IPDA International Prize for Education and described by the TES as an ‘inspirational, evangelical preacher of education’, Nina is a tour-de-force when it comes to enlivening teaching and learning for all. Her background as an innovative teacher and leader of learning, trainer and education consultant has had an overwhelming impact on education both in the UK and on an international basis.

Martin Staniforth
Dove Self Esteem – Project Catalyst

As a co-founder of Laughing Phoenix and co-leader of Creative Beings CIC, Martin helps organisations with their ‘Purposeful Positioning’ and cultivates artistic practices to promote wellbeing. He also facilitated the global Dove Self-Esteem Project creating a range of body image resources for teachers, youth leaders, parents and young people that have been used
with over 30 million young people worldwide. He has also been a contributor at South Banks Being’s A Man CSR Europe and Nokia conferences as well as other mental health educational events.



9.30 – 9.35 – Welcome

9.35 – 10.35 – Nina Jackson ‘You Look Fine to Me – Getting mental and emotional health right for everyone – including YOU!’
There is a growing concern and increase with Mental and Emotional health issues in our schools. We need to stand together, work as one, and support each other to be emotionally healthy, resilient and happy, prepared for the struggles that 21st Century Education is placing upon us. Do you have an “inside out, outside in” emotional wellbeing philosophy and approach in your school? The skills and strategies needed for wellbeing and mental health should now be part of teaching, learning and child development. It will be very much on what we can do to help each other and the children we teach – and there is a great deal. Developing a whole school approach to meeting the emotional needs for everyone is crucial for effective teaching and learning. This session will help you make a difference in your school, with the children, and your colleagues, so that you are energised, refreshed and confident in dealing with mental and emotional health and wellbeing for all. There isn’t a plaster for that you know!

10.35 – 10.50 – BREAK

10.50 – 11.50 – Samantha Garner ‘CBT – Is it all it’s cracked up to be?’
Cognitive behavioural therapy is recommended as an extremely effective form of therapy and suitable to be used in school. But what is it? This session will look at the background of CBT and explain how it works. It will also give some CBT techniques that can be used with yourself and students in school to support mental health and wellbeing of a daily basis.

11.50 – 12.00 – Breakout Room

12 – 1.00pm – Nia – ’The Parent Trap’ – supporting parent with their mental health and helping them to become Wellbeing Warriors’
This session will cover the philosophy about working with parents around Well Being and Mental Health. Exploring how schools can support and signpost adults to services, as well as explore the negative impact on their children and how this can be improved. The session will also look at ways to involve parents in supporting both the school and their children by becoming and engaging in the ‘Wellbeing Warrior’s programme. It’s about everyone working together.

1pm – 1.30 – LUNCH

1.30 – 2.30– Sam – Social Media – Friend or Foe?
Social Media is part of life for many students and it’s often given a bad press. Is this fair? How damaging is social media to our mental health? This session will look at research on the impact of social media on mental health. It will also look as the positive side of mental
health and discuss how we can support students in their use of social media (and maybe ourselves).

2.30 – 2.40 – BREAK

2.40 – 3.20 – Martin ‘Building Body Confidence, Self-Esteem & Resilience’

Change the way you see, not the way you look. Young people today face a huge range of complex self-esteem issues. Research shows that negative body image and poor self-esteem correlate with low concentration and participation in class and can even affect school attendance. This session will give you an introduction to the Dove Self-Esteem Project ‘Confident Me’ workshops that have been shown to improve body image and make students feel more confident to participate in social and academic activities. Includes a free USB stick with resources and films for 5 separate lessons.

3.20 – 3.30 – CLOSE


Further information

Trainer will be in the room at 9:00am and until 4:00pm to answer any questions or for further information etc.
Mid-morning and afternoon breaks will be given to make the day comfortable and enjoyable.
Questions and discussions are welcome throughout the conference. We want to make this your day.


Your Pack

We will send you a pack in the post with a £10 gift voucher for lunch, a treat for break time, all handouts and activity packs. These will also be sent as a digital editable version during the session if you needed.

We will ensure that the conference is made comfortable and stress free for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Additional information

Date and Location

28th January 2021