Managing Trauma in Children and Young People During COVID-19


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The ‘Managing Trauma in Children and Young People During COVID-19’ training course is designed to help participants gain an understanding of trauma as well as trauma-informed approaches in light of the recent pandemic. Traumatic experiences either related directly or indirectly to COVID-19 can affect children’s learning and behaviour. The need to identify possible signs of trauma is crucial as well as tailoring a trauma-informed approach to address the individual’s needs.

With schools gradually reopening and staff reconnecting with their students it’s crucial to plan a way forward and adopt a trauma-informed approach not only for students but also staff.  This course will not only be informative but will also provide a kit bag of strategies and top tips.



• Gain a clear understand of what is meant by trauma;
• Understand trauma in the context of COVID-19;
• Understand the impact of trauma and adversity on children and young people;
• Recognise possible signs of trauma;
• Learn ways of developing trauma informed approaches;
• Look at ways to support children with trauma;
• Implement resilience-based approaches;
• Understand how to become a trauma informed school;
• Implement ways to make schools safe places for students.


Course Leader

Nicola S Morgan



Live online course via Zoom. All information and link will be sent to you.


Target Audience

Aimed at anyone who works directly or indirectly with students and who wants to understand trauma in relation to COVID-19 in more detail and learn ways to help support students. Ideal for school-based staff including teachers, head teachers, deputy headteacher, SENCO, classroom assistant, educational psychologists and pastoral care staff.  As well as multidisciplinary teams i.e. looked after children, foster care, adoption agencies, social services.



“A brilliant, informative course on developing our whole school approach to trauma informed working during Covid- 19. Well delivered and
interactive.  Full of brilliant and practical strategies to support our children and families. Thank you so much, we have lots of great ideas moving

“Attended the online training course today. Once again, informative, anecdotal, practical strategies and solutions offered. Always come away from
Nicola’s courses with something in the bag!!!”

“Thank you so much for this timely training. It worked really well on Zoom and was very interactive. It was informative and I feel I can better support
my families/ young people who a lot of them have ace’s and trauma. A lot of resources were given -thank you.”

“The course was excellent. It was relaxed and humorous with breaks and opportunities for feedback in a controlled way, she also checked in often. I
will use a lot of the strategies given and have made notes to quote some of her way to word approaches. There were resources and suggestions
and, when I asked about approaching the parents as this is our role, she didn’t only add it to the presentation but she remained to discuss. There
was signposting to useful websites, video links and where to obtain resources. I particularly liked the checklist and how she managed to separate
the key stages.”

“I would like to give enormous praise for the online course I completed today with Nicola, ‘Managing trauma in children and young people during
Covid 19’. The course was paced just right and put practical ideas into the life of the school for all members of staff to be able to use effectively, not
just Pastoral staff. The approaches were child centred with the children and young people at the root of them all. I was blown away with just how
many different practical strategies and different viewpoints were given. I have already emailed my line manager to ask if I can book on another 2 of
the courses. Amazing course, straight to the point and time friendly. Well done!”

“I have just completed the Managing Trauma in Children and Young People During COVID-19 Live Online Training. I was initially concerned that it
not being in person may lessen its effect but i needn’t have been worried, it was fabulous. The training was of a high standard with a clearly
informed and knowledgeable lead. The information taught was both of interesting and of great importance. What made everything even more
effective was the invaluable suggestion of practical approaches that were offered that I am now eager to implement in my setting. Thank you and
well done to all involved.”

“This is my second course that I have been on with Nicola. This has been incredible a huge support in helping get children back to school safely.
Excellent Trainer, would highly recommend it!”

“Today I attended a virtual course for Managing Trauma for Children and Young People During Covid 19 with Nicola Morgan. The course was
fantastic, very informative and Nicola speaks with fluidity and a tone that is easy to listen and engage with making the course very enjoyable. In the
current Covid climate managing trauma is and will continue to be very important and much more prevalent than in our last academic year. This
course is pitched at all student age brackets and was thoroughly enjoyable.”

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Date and Location

14th July 2020 – SOLD OUT, 17th September 2020, 27th August 2020, 29th July 2020, 3rd December 2020