Behaviour Management Survival Kit for Break Times


Course introduction

This course provides staff with a survival kit of effective behaviour management strategies to use during break times and in the dinner hall. This interactive session provides a bank of tried and tested positive approaches to deal with unwanted behaviour and promote positive choices.

This training includes the following:
1x Oh No Playtime Note Pad (correctives)
1x Well Done Playtime Note Pad (positive reinforcement)
Course Handouts

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What we will cover throughout the day

  • Create happier and safer lunchtimes and playtimes;

  • Review rules, routines and correctives for break times;

  • Construct a graduated response for behaviour;

  • Practice techniques to de-escalate low-level to challenging behaviour;

  • Build successful relationships;

  • Engage in positive talk to reduce confrontation;

  • Practice ways to positively reinforce;

  • Develop effective positive behaviour management systems.

Target audience

Course suitable for lunchtime supervisors, school cooks, catering staff, front of house, teaching assistants and support staff working in early years (EY), primary (P), secondary (S), and SEN schools.

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I found the session very interesting because I have learnt how to diffuse unhealthy situations from happening, address the behaviour not the person, praising and rewarding good behaviour. Promoting positive behaviour is paramount for the wellbeing of the children and adults, communicate effectively to staff and children. The session helped me also to be more equipped to deal with situations around lunch time regardless of the fact I am a supervisor or not. I have also learnt how to deal with disruptive situations.

Useful, some very good ideas, especially with group discussions others had and I learnt a lot of valuable ideas from them and the trainer. I could also use some of these ideas at home with my own children.


In-House Training

In-House Training

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